You’re trying everything to get ahead and it seems like one continuous fail after another
It’s a constant 1 step forward and 3 steps back cycle
An emotional roller coaster of ups and what seems like a lot more downs
You don’t even know if you made progress because you feel stuck more than you’re moving

If you’re shaking your head yes and saying to yourself “Yes! She gets it!” Oh, do I ever…

You would’ve never guessed but my first 7 months of living in Korea were challenging.. To say the least.
Every day I asked myself why I left my unfulfilling corporate job for another unhappy situation
It was as if the universe was conspiring against me and no matter how hard I tried I felt like I was stuck in a constant struggle
I was still doing my HR Consulting and no matter how many clients I had coming to me, I just wasn’t happy with it.

I was in such a funk and didn’t even care about traveling around Asia. If you know me, you KNOW that’s a pretty big funk because traveling IS my lifestyle
Every day I was skyping with my girlfriends complaining about something new
I wanted to break my commitment here early and never step foot on this continent again

But yet… there was something inside of me that kept telling me to just stick it out.

See, I came to Korea with a mission and that mission was to spend 1.5 years building up a sustainable business, some personal discovery as well as achieving a notebook page full of goals for myself. When I set my mind on something there’s absolutely no stopping me with my personal mantra being “I’d rather fall on my face giving it my all and looking like a fool than not trying at all and having the ‘what if’s’ haunt me every day for the rest of my life”.

Knowing I walked away from a corporate position I was so unfulfilled in that I defined it as my rock bottom, I created these expectations of how easy life would be like in Asia.. and for the most part it was easy, but I was unprepared to face the new set challenges that came with the culture.

And if you’re someone who is a professional at creating unrealistic expectations for yourself and having the rug ripped from your feet when they don’t go according to plan, you can imagine how I felt.

I knew if I were going to survive the rest of my time here and achieve ANY of my goals, I would need to reframe my entire thinking as well as my day-to-day.

And so I did.

I revamped my entire morning routine so instead of rushing out the door in the morning, I would focus on me through meditation, journaling, vision mapping and a few other practices. I re-evaluated what made me so unhappy with doing HR Consulting when I was passionate about HR, but I quickly realized I wasn’t truly aligned with what I was doing and when you’re misaligned with one thing in your life, everything else is completely thrown off. So, I hired a coach and got crystal clear on what exactly I wanted out of my business. I notified my clients, closed my business and rebuilt it from the ground up exactly how I wanted it. I then reflected back on the progress I made during my time here, which surprisingly turned out to be more than I expected! This then inspired me to re-evaluate and re-do my ‘Progress Bucketlist’ of everything I wanted to accomplish during my remaining time here. I lengthened it, by the way. It’s going well 🙂

It was through these small lifestyle changes that caused my big change in my perspective which led to a completely improved experience. That doesn’t mean I’m not still faced with challenges – I just handle them much differently now.. And you can, too!

If you’re stuck in a rut and feeling hopeless, know you’re not alone and there’s hope!

Here are 5 steps for you to break out of the negative mindset and shift into a positive perspective:

  1. Review your past 90 days and write down everything you’ve accomplished. Even if it was freeing up a few more dollars on your credit card or waking up 1 minute earlier each morning. WRITE IT DOWN!
  2. Set mini and big milestones for you to accomplish in your next 90 days and promise yourself to acknowledge these milestones!
  3. Every morning, while you’re having your coffee or tea, (preferably in the AM, but at minimum DAILY) write down 3 things you’re grateful for
  4. Create a morning routine that starts your day off with success. Remember: a chaotic morning creates a chaotic day which creates a chaotic week. Carve out time for yourself – you deserve it!
  5. Evaluate what’s causing you stress and fix it. YOU hold the power to your life. Don’t give anyone else that key. If it’s a friend you’ve had since childhood that you don’t jive with anymore – CUT THEM OUT. YOU OWN YOUR HAPPINESS. If it’s your business, write down your options – who can you reach out to for help? What doesn’t feel right? Who can you hire and train to delegate tasks to? TAKE ACTION TODAY. Not tomorrow. Not tonight. TODAY. Right now.

If you’re struggling with your business or your current role in your 9-5, you are not defeated. Everything is figure-out-able and I have great skill at cleaning up messes, big or small. Let’s hop on a discovery call and clear away your stumbling blocks to get you to your best self: 

I’d love to hear how they work for you! If we’re not connected on social media, let’s change that! I have an amazing community of like-minded women that will warmly welcome you with open arms. Every day we’re sharing amazing and life-changing content to help us achieve our big picture vision and goals. Come on over – we’re waiting!