Some of the most successful leaders lead the most chaotic days. Starting their days at 5 am and pushing through well into the night with little opportunity to focus on personal development.

In a world with a focus on technology, the popularity of podcasts is on the rise. Not only can you listen on your commute to work, walking to your next meeting or as you’re plugging away at your spreadsheets, it’s a simple way of multi-tasking while still digesting valuable information.

In this article, I provide the 8 podcasts that every leader should have on their playlist. Learn how to further develop your leadership skills, productivity and time management hacks, and create an irresistible workplace culture that thrives.


1. This is Your Life: Michael Hyatt

If you’re unfamiliar with who Michael Hyatt is, he’s a thought leader in the Leadership & Development world and someone worth following. He delivers weekly podcasts discussing personal development, embodying influential leadership skills, as well as productivity. He never fails in making sure you walk away with more clarity, focus, and empowerment to improve your leadership abilities after each episode.

2. EntreLeadership

Dive deep into topics leaders face every day regardless the industry they’re in. Each episode interviews the most successful and reputable leaders in business such as Simon Sinek, Mark Cuban, and Jim Collins to name a few. Learn the most valuable business tips and start implementing them into your life and business today.

3. The Nice Guys on Business

What sets this podcast apart from the rest is how informal, welcoming and laid back it is. Don’t be fooled though, each episode delivers powerful, relatable real-life stories on opportunities, struggles and failures and how to turn them into successes for your business.

4. Leadership and Loyalty

Inc. Magazine and Fortune 500 ranked this as the #1 ranked podcast for executives, entrepreneurs and business families. The host, Dov Baron, delivers value-packed episodes empowering leaders to live purposeful and meaningful lives while making an impact personally and professionally.

5. Awesome Office

Industry leaders from HR, CEO’s share the best actionable tips, best practices, and advice to develop you into the best leader for your business and create an attractive and irresistible workplace culture.

6. The ONE thing

Are you struggling with managing the different areas of your life: time management, business, health, habits and routines, and productivity? Each episode is better than the next with the most successful leaders in business being interviewed and learning their tips and tricks of how they handle the juggling act. You’ll walk away with the motivation and tools to achieve your big-picture vision and goals.

7. The LeadX Show

Each episode delivers a daily tip surrounding career and management from the most successful leaders in business. The host is a New York Times best-selling author of Employee Engagement 2.0 and he does an impeccable job interviewing the top leaders on the topics that are relevant to everyone in business. He starts off each episode with the question: “What is your greatest failure” and from there the message only gets better.

8. The Engaging Leader

The title says it all. Learn how to engage, communicate and make an impact as an influential leader with your clients, employees and everyone you encounter. Each episode walks you through how to communicate effectively, make the best decisions and engage your team to perform to their highest potential. Each episode is fun, informative, and of course, engaging.

If you haven’t explored the world of podcasts yet, I highly recommend taking the leap starting with these podcasts listed above. They’re free, easy to access and can be listened to anywhere. Fuel your next workout, commute into the office or walk around the block with a podcast jam-packed with value that will motivate and inspire you to change the way you lead your life and business.

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