While most people struggled with what they would do when they would grow up, I knew in elementary school what I was meant for. During my 4th grade "Take Your Child To Work Day" is the exact moment I discovered my purpose. I had this natural ability at a young age to build and foster communities, bridge communication gaps, create happier people experiences and motivate others easily.

As a dual major graduate in HR Management and International Business, I knew I wanted to make an impact on a global level and travel the globe supporting startups and small businesses.

While I served as the president of the Society of Human Resources for the Lehigh Valley Chapter, it was then I noticed the women surrounding me struggled with a lack of confidence to speak up for themselves, negotiate their worth and recognize their value. I saw people struggling to communicate effectively and deliver messages appropriately.

As I was striving for greater things in my life and career, the people around me were growing complacent and staying low. Their communication and lack of confidence held them back. I was always a visionary from a young age. My goals were always massive and there was nothing or no one who could stop me from achieving them. 

I was involved in various organizations and groups where I empowered and coached women on building their confidence and improve their communication skills. I spoke at various campus events and the Dean approached me to become a university representative where I spoke on behalf of the university. I also served as a career ambassador helping students become more confident in their interviewing and job searching skills and coaching them through the interview process while helping them create resumes, cover letters and their own personal brand to stand out from the competition.

My passion for developing people was obvious and I was granted a scholarship from the AAUW to attend the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders in Washington, D.C. where I networked with and learned from the most powerful women in Congress, business and throughout the world. It was here that my leadership, confidence and communication skills were strengthened giving me the support to use my skills to become a change maker.

Determined to step outside of my cultural comfort zone, I set off to backpack Europe for six months giving me a different perspective on life. Not only did my communication skills grow stronger, but the challenges I faced along the way increased my resilience and ability to handle rejection. This was a pivotal moment in my life that taught me the art of patience and persistence that strengthen my role as an HR communications consultant and confidence coach.

Following my trip to Europe, I began to climb the corporate ladder and partnered with Babson College to coach their students on confidence, leadership and help them understand the basics of building their business with HR in mind and communicating effectively internally and externally.

Companies began seeking me out to coach and consult for them which led me to take the leap to Ulsan, South Korea. While in Ulsan, South Korea, I traveled around Asia helping high potential women build their confidence and destroy their insecurities while consulting for international companies helping improve their HR messaging while creating attractive cultures and engaging employee experiences and promoting them externally to win over the best talent on the market.


In 2018 I began writing for large publications and became a paid contributor for Forbes writing about leadership strategy and HR. This led to various speaking opportunities around the globe, getting published in over 20 of the largest publications and an opportunity taking me back to Europe where I worked with a global tech company building out their HR department across their global offices, improving their global communications to align their global offices, coaching leaders and employees on effective communication and creating happier and more engaging employee experiences.

My journey wasn't easy but my passion for what I do is what's kept me going despite the adversity I faced along the way. The confidence I have today, I wasn't born with. It was through toxic relationships and friendships, being bullied by a boss and women in tech, shying away from difficult conversations, not standing up for myself, losing out on opportunities because I didn't believe in myself and a variety of other situations. Everything I learned and gained along the way is what I share with women determined to create a better life for themselves.

I've helped hundreds of women destroy their insecurities and build their confidence, coached individuals on building a global business and gaining international exposure, creating stronger relationships between employees and executives through improved communication strategies and creating cultures and attractive employee experiences across global offices. Despite what I do and who I help, confidence is the foundation of what I coach, consult, train, speak and write about.


My natural ability to build and foster communities, bridge communication gaps, transform insecure individuals into confident leaders and mentor entrepreneurs is what sets me apart from others. 

I'm a firm believer in giving back. Aside from volunteering at soup kitchens and adopting a family during the holidays, I'm actively involved in mentoring young girls with big goals, helping domestic violence survivors find their confidence, identity and purpose again and connecting people locally and internationally through my community while providing free resources to help them build their business, find their confidence and own their purpose.

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