attract high ticket clients with the exposure that sells your services for you

It’s Time To Take Your Business To The Next Level

Are you a business owner ready to grow your business and hire your first team member?

Are you ready to gain exposure that attracts high-ticket clients?

Do you want to build an audience that coverts?

Are you feeling stuck and overwhelmed with all the struggling with impostor syndrome that keeps you from thinking like a successful business owner?

For Driven Entrepreneurs Ready to Do the Work and Get Results. 

I remember the frustration I felt trying to stand out against the noise on social media and be seen as the go-to leader in my niche. I was pouring hours into creating content, engaging with posts and basically every cookie cutter thing my coach (at the time) taught me… and I was still invisible

I finally had enough. If I wanted to be seen, I had to do something different. I stepped outside the social media hampster wheel and started writing for large publications, getting interviewed on podcasts and featured on shows. 

I did what nobody else was doing with a skill (writing) that I hadn’t yet developed. To date, I’ve been published in over 17 of the largest publications (MSN Money, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fast Company, Glassdoor, Bamboo HR and the list goes on).

I learned the strategies to get me in front of the people who could promote my brand for me while putting me directly in front of my ideal clients. No sales pitch, no cold messaging and no spending hours online trying to stay current in peoples news feeds.

My journey wasn’t easy. I struggled, felt lost, insecure and impostor syndrome ate me alive on a daily basis. I realized in order to be successful I had to face the challenge of something more difficult than my business – my mindset.

From there my business took off allowing me to utilize my 8+ year HR background (former SHRM President here!) to scale my business and find the right people to support me. Hiring the wrong person will make you lose money, but hiring the right ones will triple it.

… trust me, I know.

 This is why I developed my coaching program, to help YOU make the breakthroughs in your business and make your business work for you.

My 6-week coaching program dives deep into the core pieces of building and scaling a business for forever, not just for now.

Interested? Send me an email at and let’s see if this program is a fit for you.

Heidi is such a JOY to talk to! She really knows her stuff. I was able to discuss my personal and professional development with her and she always offered sound advice. With her 6-week program, I literally increased my rates by 300%! It was insane, and I never thought I could do it AND be confident about it. I walked away with not one, but TWO team members, an influx of clients, increased rates , and advice from her on how to automate my business.

I couldn’t recommend Heidi enough. I look forward to working with her again in the future! Ashley Nolivo

Online Business Manager, The Grow Collective

What You Can Expect


– How to work past the internal blocks that are holding you back
– How to tap into your confidence so you can run your business as a leader without that “lost” feeling
– How to overcome the impostor syndrome and develop a strong mindset


– How to find your voice and be authentic to yourself in your messaging and branding
– How to create a content strategy that provides value AND sells
– How to make your email list work for your business 


– How to create structure and processes in your system that serve you as your business grows
– How to balance and master the social media platforms
– How to implement, integrate and automate systems and processes


– How to be seen as an expert in your industry and stand out against the noise
– How to build social proof on a grand level outside of social media
– How to attract high ticket clients who WANT to invest in you without having to sell them


– How to build self-care habits that keep you from burning out
– How to set boundaries and stick to them
– How to create routines that set you and your business up for success
– How to set long-term goals and a strategy to make them more achievable to keep you motivated


– How to confidently hire the RIGHT people and repel the WRONG ones
– How to delegate tasks, build strong relationships with your people and train them to take over
– How to create a strategy that serves as the foundation for recruiting, growing and managing a team


Your Day One Starts Today.

6 Week Coaching Program $1997

With my support, you’ll learn the secrets of creating a brand that speaks for itself that will make you stand out as the leader in your industry. These will not be another cookie-cutter approach to coaching.

This is for the person who is hungry for success and willing to do the hard work to get it. If you’re ready for an intense 6-weeks with personalized support cheering you on and motivating you, but also giving you some tough love and holding you accountable – this program is for you.

I want you to win and I will put in the work on my end to teach you the strategies that get results but only YOU can implement them and be successful. Are you ready to build an empire and increase your presence? email me at and let’s get started!


  • 6 x 30-minute coaching calls
  • Sessions on a recorded conference calling software. The calls are recorded and you receive a recording
  • Full email support*
  • 6 weeks of training and hands-on support
  • Designated drive of all docs, templates and resources
  • Systems audit and recommendations
  • Private coaching support, virtual hand-holding and accountability
  • Access to my exclusive Facebook community

*Email replies are during office hours M-F

Meet Your Coach

My name is Heidi Lynne Kurter and I’m here to help you achieve massive growth in your business as you learn the very steps that will help you create foundation that serves as your legacy.

My unique hands-on approach to coaching paired with my combined passions of HR, leadership and team development helps me to break down the most complicated and stressful concepts into the simpler and digestable terms that make sense. Together we’ll create strategies to help you achieve sustainable growth and massive impact by establishing creative solutions, processes, and procedures that serve you for life.

With over 8 years of HR and Leadership roles throughout America, Asia, and Europe I transitioned my corporate experience into my own business model creating successful client results each and every time.

I provide my clients with the tools, support, and resources as they develop their business and leadership skills giving them the confidence to run a business as it grows and scales… even long after our time has ended.

Want to see if this is a right fit for you? Let’s chat!