hire, train & lead your team with confidence 

Turn the “ME” into “WE

Are you a creative business owner ready to grow your business?

Are you ready to start stop outsourcing and making poor hiring decisions?

Do you want to be confident in your leadership abilities and build an influential company culture?

Is your business upleveling and you’re struggling to keep up?

“Me” Into “We” Movement: For Business Owners Ready to Ditch Doing Everything on Their Own and Build a Team of High Performers Excited to Grow With You.

I know it can feel like there’s too many boiling pots on the stove and your focus is scattered. You’re ready to build a powerful team but you don’t have the time to create processes and figure out how to learn the recruiting and onboarding techniques to do so. Or maybe you have a team of employees but you can’t devote the time you desire to train them to be self-sufficient.

My 6 week private coaching program dives deep into the core pieces of developing high-impact leaders and high-performing teams.



Due to the intimate nature of the program, there are limited spots available to work with me by application only.

Please note: I only work with established businesses who are seeking support as they scale. My clients are ambitious, determined and ready to uplevel. They are experts at what they do and they understand the value of the employee experience and leadership development. As an HR and Leadership & Development Coach, I transform individuals and teams into empowered leaders. By combining my three zones of genius, Human Resources, Team and Leadership Development, I provide the support my clients need as they hire, train, and lead their team.

Schedule time to chat more and submit an application below:

My Coaching Programs



This is a one-time, private coaching session with me to answer any questions you may have and provide clarity on the things I teach. You will not have access to me after this session is completed. This is a one hour session. 


DO IT YOURSELF (Self Paced Course)

Coming Soon! This course and comprehensive workbook walk you through building a strong recruiting strategy, developing a team of high performers and leading them to greatness.

This course walks you through everything from creating a job description to interviewing to extending a contract to their very first day. The workbook will guide you through the course as you uncover and develop your own personalized strategy that meets the needs of your business while hitting all the areas that are often missed.

  • Comprehensive workbook
  • Lifetime access to course
  • Exclusive access to private Facebook community


DONE WITH YOU (4 Weeks) $800

Together you will have the support as you create your customized strategy to meet your hiring and training needs. You will have access to step-by-step guides and templates that will walk you through on designing and implementing your strategy. 

This package includes 4 calls with the 1st one being the initial call to best understanding your current status and your future goals. Our calls will be recorded and you will receive a copy.

In the 30 minutes, I will provide support, guidance and answer any questions you have as you craft your people plan.

*Monthly maintenance fee if you choose to extend access with me. 

  • 4 x 30-minute coaching calls
  • Sessions on a recorded conference calling software. The calls are recorded and you receive a recording
  • Step-by-step templates and guides
  • Comprehensive workbook
  • Access to my exclusive Facebook community


DONE FOR YOU (6 Weeks) $1800

Have your own personalized HR Partner to build out your hiring and training strategies. This comprehensive package includes sample interview guides, new hire materials, team building exercises, policy recommendations with an employee handbook guideline, job description templates and a highly customizable onboarding program to get you started. 

Our private coaching sessions are designed to help you improve your leadership skills so you can best hire, train and lead your team confidently and effectively. If you’re struggling with delegating, conflict resolution, communication, mindset, setting boundaries, etc… these calls will tackle the areas that are holding you back.

*Monthly maintenance fee if you choose to extend access with me. 

*Option to upgrade for an additional fee. Upgrade includes me flying to you and working hands-on to assess, design and implement. You will have 1:1 exclusive access to me and I will train you or the employee of your choice on everything I implement. This option includes on-site private coaching.


  • 6 x 30-minute coaching calls
  • Sessions on a recorded conference calling software. The calls are recorded and you receive a recording
  • Full email support*
  • Customized recruiting, onboarding and training strategy
  • Designated drive of all docs, templates and resources
  • Systems audit and recommendations
  • Email and written correspondance review
  • Establish personalized people plan (culture, experience & engagement roadmap and initiatives)
  • Access to my exclusive Facebook community

*Email replies are only during office hours M-F

The 4 Pillars I Coach On:


– Establish core values and understand how they serve your big picture vision
– Create clearly defined goals to bring your vision to life
– Deliver value and make an impact with a strong message by eliminating confusion, overwhelm and overthinking


– Identify your leadership style and how to embody the skills of a strong leader
– Understand the different styles of communication and the techniques to master them
– Learn how to teach and be seen as the expert in your industry


– Set boundaries and sticking to them
– Motivate, inspire & influence through your presence, actions and words
– Build trust and respect in your decisions as you employ change


– Scaling your team as your business grows
– Develop attractive employee engagement programs
– Designing an employee experience specific to your core values

Meet Your Coach


My name is Heidi Lynne and I’m here to help you achieve massive growth in your business as you learn the leadership skills to confidently manage your team, clients, and business.

My unique hands-on approach to coaching paired with my combined passions of HR, leadership & team development helps businesses establish creative solutions, processes, and procedures for long-term impact and growth.

With over 8 years of HR and Leadership roles throughout America, Asia, and Europe I transitioned my corporate experience into my own business model creating successful client results each and every time.

I provide my clients with the tools, support, and resources as they develop their leadership skills giving them the confidence to communicate, manage their team, and make decisions that lead their business to success.

Want to see if this is a right fit for you? Let’s chat!