Discover the 3 C’s that gave me the credibility and confidence to take the leap from corporate to entrepreneurship.

I was quite honestly, hands down the worst HR person in the history of corporate.

I mean, what other HR person do you know who would get scolded for their laugh? Or instead of being the most hated (and HR is ALWAYS hated) was the most loved? Or would round up everyone in the office to go for 10 am cupcake runs every morning? Or who had their office decorated with cupcake stickers, a Hoops and Yoyo calendar marked up with fun ‘holidays’ like National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, Rootbeer Float Day, etc… and celebrate them. ALL of them? Or who would have three baskets of candy and a gumball machine at their desk with 18 different types of stress balls for anyone who needed a quick stress squeeze to stop by for a second?

I loved my employees. I loved my team. I loved walking into the office and saying “Good Morning” to everyone. I loved getting to know everyone and what their motivations were, what treats they liked so I could surprise them on their birthday, or send them fun ecards when I sensed they were having a terrible day, or just dropping by with a fun fact I learned about something they showed interest in to show that I cared. I truly, genuinely cared.

It was never about work for me. It was about the people I showed up for. The people on the inside. I became obsessed with figuring them out and cultivating a culture that met the needs of each individual person. It was my mission to unite everyone across all global offices.

And as much as I didn’t mesh with the typical “HR person”, it didn’t matter because what mattered most was showing up for my employees and creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere where they had something and someone to look forward to.

But there was just one problem. I was sitting at a computer all day, working on tasks not directly related to the employee experience. Every minute spent working on a spreadsheet or sitting in a meeting where a decision was already made despite what my thoughts were was a minute keeping me from tapping into my creativity and developing my team.

I felt bogged down by the computer, the admin work and the layers of hierarchy. There was something inside of me, something so much bigger than myself, that was bursting at the seams to live out this purpose and passion that burned inside of me. And so… well, you already know…

I took the risk of quitting a stable (if you can really call ANY corporate job that) job to jump into this non-stop rollercoaster journey of entrepreneurship.

I know what I’m good at. I know where I thrive and I know exactly what my purpose in this world is. I needed to be hands-on, in front of people, motivating and inspiring them with my voice and my presence.

See, when I discovered exactly what my purpose was it was like a ticking time bomb inside of me. I KNEW I could only last just a little bit longer inside of corporates walls before I’d make a potentially rash decision. And corporate molded me, it shaped me, it gave me the experience and confidence to take the leap, so I didn’t have it in me to burn any bridges.

And even today, corporate still supports me. I may not be working IN corporate but I’m working WITH them.

Always remember to be grateful for your roots. You made it to where you are right here, right now because of each and every opportunity, job (fulfilling or not) and learning experience.

In conclusion, I am so thankful for college, corporate and the coaches and mentors I invested in. As a result of them, I honed my craft of being the best at building teams, cultivating cultures and developing engaging employee experiences.

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