Starting my journey of entrepreneurship I was plagued with the “find your why” comments. As a natural overthinker, I assumed it had to be this crazy epiphany that sparked a fire under me to make things happen.

I spent so much of my time reading, researching and dissecting every little thought and possibility to figure out “my why” but really…

It was simply under my nose the entire time.

If this is something you’re struggling with – I promise you, it’s MUCH simpler than what you’re making it out to be, so let me save you the overwhelm.

Here’s a glimpse of mine:

I was tired of struggling, feeling limited and confined. I hated capped income and. I disliked not being in control and most importantly, the constant feeling of being unfulfilled.

Your ‘why’ can be as simple as ‘I want to be my own boss’, ‘I want to have the confidence to achieve great things’, or ‘I want to do something I actually like waking up in the morning for’.

See? Easy peasy. Now, WHAT is the reason why you’re researching whatever you’re researching right now? If you’re on my page, you’re either an entrepreneur or a CEO with an established business, but possibly lacking the confidence to take action to take your next step…

Maybe it’s hiring your first employee, developing an existing team of employees, or wanting to develop your own skills as a leader for your life AND your business.

Take a step back and ask yourself what your big picture vision and goals are. Be honest with yourself.

Take a proactive approach now and write your “why” EVERYWHERE. Your journal, the inside of your closet, post it to your phone, save it as your phone background.

This is going to be highly beneficial when you hit a low during your journey and it’ll give you that nudge you need to bounce right back.

Because I was proactive in posting this everywhere, I only failed forward and used my mistakes as learning lessons of how to better improve myself and my methods.

Your “why” is your Bible. It’s going to be there through the good, bad, happy, sad and even the downright ugly. Don’t lose sight of your goals because it’s going to be the fuel that keeps you going.

I’m here to help you and to lay the groundwork to get you there, but this is kind of a together process.

I can give you that clarity, direction, and confidence – the first step is scheduling a discovery call and I guarantee you, it’ll be the best first step you’ll ever make.