An empowered team of employees will lead your business to achieve unimaginable levels of success making you stand out from the rest. It’s proben that building a strong and effective team cultivates a culture of productivity, increased profits, and a self-sustaining team working towards achieving a common goal. Gaining the respect, admiration, and trust of your employees while empowering them to make effective decisions is a skill the most successful leaders have mastered in business today.

These 4 techniques will help you become a transformational leader in your business while empowering your employees and building a strong team:

Challenge Employees to Step into Their Fullest Potential
Employees with competence and clarity make effective decisions. Remain committed to investing in the growth of your employees through training and development opportunities and helping them to discover their strengths and uncover their purpose. By identifying these areas along with their interests, you can create opportunities challenging them to step outside of their comfort zone and into their fullest potential. Support their development journey by providing them opportunities to lead and tap into new skills. These can include leading a workshop, utilizing their fluency in a foreign language to work with international clients, or increasing their responsibilities in a way that aligns with their interests and strengths.

Establish Loyalty with Transparency
Set a standard for your business that you will remain connected and in communication with your team. This will build trust while keeping everyone on the same page working to achieve a common goal. Schedule weekly check-ins or all-hands meetings to keep your team in the loop. Keep them up-to-date on where the company is at and what goals you’re working to hit. Transparency isn’t being vulnerable, it’s clarifying the current status of the business, identifying areas of opportunities, and having everyone come together to achieve a common goal. Transparency creates loyalty. If you’re struggling and don’t ask for help, your employees will never know you need to be saved.

Loosen Your Grip and Utilize Your Best Assets
The key 3 principles every leader follows: automate, delegate, or eliminate. Micromanaging is the single greatest thing that creates distance between an employee and employer. You hired your employees for a reason. They have certain skills needed to scale your business and are better suited to complete tasks so you can focus on other areas of your business. Utilize those skills by delegating tasks to those better suited to handle them while you focus on things that need your attention. By trusting them to accomplish these tasks in their own way, they’ll feel empowered to provide high-quality results that won’t disappoint.

Cultivate a Culture of Empowerment Through Collaboration
Collaboration transforms employees into empowered leaders. Successful leaders value the perspectives of their team and understand their team is an asset that will help their business achieve massive growth. It’s the combination of their skills, knowledge, and abilities that create a well-oiled machine. Make collaboration a key part of your culture encouraging employees to lead in their own way. This demonstrates your commitment to developing them while proving how much you value them. Involve them by asking for feedback, distributing surveys, establishing committees, encouraging freethinking and sharing of ideas

Implement these 4 techniques in your business to creates a strong team of leaders collectively working to scale your business to success. Foster the growth of your employees by supporting them to reach their fullest potential and transform into high performing employees who remain loyal and committed. 

What has helped you to step into a transformational leadership role for your business?

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