A confidence coach is an invaluable mentor that pinpoints and flips destructive thoughts and behaviors while inspiring a breakthrough in thinking to build more confidence.

In the past few years, the world of coaching has exploded valuing it at over a $1 billion a year industry and growing. Everyone from entrepreneurs to career professionals and multi-passionate individuals are investing in coaches to help them gain confidence, become strong leaders, achieve their goals faster and carry out their purpose. However, coaching isn’t just for executives and individuals. Businesses of all sizes understand the value in hiring coaches to increase productivity, communication and profits by identifying challenges and finding cost-effective solutions.

The benefits of hiring a coach are vast, and similar to job titles, a confidence coach can have alternative names such as a life coach, leadership coach or simply a business coach. Regardless of their title, each coach brings their own background, skills and methodology to help their clients achieve outstanding results that are difficult to attain on their own. It’s the exact reason successful and brilliant leaders of massive brands such as Oprah, Bill Gates and Tom Brady all rely on their coach to support them. 

Coaching is an investment that has various benefits. Unfortunately, most people overlook those benefits because they focus solely on the cost. Instead, they seek answers through books, workshops and resources and disregard the benefit of working with an experienced coach who has the knowledge, skills and capabilities to take them exactly where they want to go. 

The biggest myth most people believe about coaching is they’re only sought out when there’s a problem. The truth is, everyone can benefit from the support and perspective a coach can provide. Even the most successful individuals have habits and internal blocks that hold them back that they can’t quite identify or fix on their own. Coaching is an effective developmental tool helping maximize an individual’s strengths, overcome personal obstacles and achieve their full potential.

Here are 5 often overlooked benefits of hiring a leadership coach to help you reap massive results for your business or career.

Shifting Your Identity

The biggest challenge most people face is making the transition in their role identity from an individual contributor to a leader. The reason why most leaders fail is because they remain stuck in their old role. The consequences of this are taking on too much and not delegating appropriately, a gap in communication and relationships and a misaligned team.

Coaches are able to help new leaders successfully transition into their new role with confidence. Whether it’s an entrepreneur hiring their first employee, an employee who was just promoted into a leadership position or a tenured CEO moving into a new company. Each come with their own challenges that individuals should be proactive in preparing themselves for. 

Empowered Decision Making

Confidence is the key to everything. Without confidence, individuals become insecure in their decision making leading them to often make decisions that can be damaging to both their business and reputation. Coaches have a genuine interest in getting to know their client inside and out. They’ve become an individual’s trusted confidant and they’re not afraid to call them out when they sense they’re stuck in their own head.

Coaches can do wonders for busy professionals. Confidence coaches can lead individuals to their “aha!” moments helping turn their ideas into actionable and implementable plans that yield great results. This allows leaders to uncover solutions they might have overlooked otherwise with the confidence to bring their vision to life.  

Giving You The Accountability To Be Successful

Coaches don’t know everything but they do know how to make sure their client follows through on what they say they’ll do. Coaches are there to offer an unbiased perspective and push you towards achieving goals. Without them, it’s easy to justify putting off tasks for another day and avoiding the hard work. Not only are they a powerful support system but they know your end goals 

It’s easy to want to give up and abandon goals when they become too difficult or don’t work out as planned. Too often, people lose focus when times get hard and they’re tempted to falter. A study done by the Association for Talent Development (formerly American Society of Training and Development) found individuals who have an accountability appointment with someone are 95% likely to achieve their goals. Having a coach to hold you accountable pushes you to the limits to achieve your goals.

Leveraging Existing Strengths To Be More Effective

It’s easy to overlook our strengths and not see the value in them. In fact, most of my clients struggle greatly with this. One client had a real gift for turning dull stories into captivating tales that lured in a large following of people who wanted to invest in him. His talent for storytelling was obvious yet he somehow thought it wasn’t a big deal and therefore he didn’t know how to convert them into paying clients. It wasn’t until I helped him see the value of this unrecognized strength and taught him how to lean into it that he became a more effective and confident leader.

Each individual has their own unique talents that make them stand out. Unfortunately, those talents become so natural that they go unrecognized. A coach helps their clients to identify and play to those strengths helping them to stand out in a way that sets them apart from everyone else.

Curt Liesveld says it best “you cannot be anything you want to be, but you can be a whole lot more of who you already are.” Many people focus heavily on improving their weaknesses when the real magic happens when they continue developing and leveraging their strengths. When people understand their natural strengths they become stronger leaders and achieve great amounts of success.

Creating Unity To Succeed

Having experience working across various countries, continents, cultures and industries, the one thing the people I’ve coached and consulted for all share in common is they struggle with communication. From a startup founder having aggressive communication to protect his “baby” that is his business to the German executive who comes across harsh and emotionless or the newly promoted engineer team lead who communicates in short bursts and expects others to understand and can’t control his emotions when they don’t. Communication can’t be avoided, and when it is that poses another challenge.

Research done by Holmes reported the result of poor communication in the workplace costs companies $37 billion. Of the 400 U.S. and UK companies surveyed with over 100,000 employees, the report found the average company loses $62.4 million per year due to lost productivity because of communication barriers. Communication isn’t a one size fits all approach. Barriers exist across cultures, genders, hierarchies and even down to someone being extroverted or introverted.

Investing in a coach doesn’t immediately teach you how to handle all the various communication styles, but they do provide feedback and help you understand the right vehicle for communication depending on the person and situation. This allows people to become effective communicators and confidently approach and navigate any conversation whether it’s through body language, verbal or written. 

I work with top executives, entrepreneurs and career-driven professionals. And all of them share one thing in common, they lack the confidence they need to make a difference in the world. This can be through speaking up, setting boundaries, taking action or believing in themselves.

If you’re on the fence about making the investment, I encourage you to reflect on the struggles you’re encountering and the goals you’re wanting to achieve. Books are invaluable in many ways and while they can provide some answers, new perspectives and ideas, they don’t always provide the support one needs to gain clarity, take action, work through their mindset and achieve those goals.

I have a customized coaching program designed to help you destroy your insecurities, build your confidence and achieve more clarity so you can take action and bring your ideas to life. Those who have invested in themselves have walked away with actionable steps, a clear path to their goals and the confidence to take action. Many of them even reach out later on to thank me and provide updates of how their businesses and lives have transformed since. If you’re ready to take achieve the life you want with someone to help you make it happen, reserve your spot here and I’ll take over the rest.