Frequently Asked Questions


What is your coaching-consulting style?

I do a blend of coaching and consulting. Most of my clients hire me for a mix of both services. It may start off as just coaching, but it always involves an aspect of workplace culture consulting and vice versa. I ask insightful questions to make my clients think as well as become more self-aware.

How do I know you would be a good coach/consultant for me?

I offer a complimentary consultation session where we review the needs and challenges of your current situation. From there, I’m also evaluating whether this would be a relationship that is suitable for both of us. I have turned down plenty of people I’ve determined to be uncoachable or not a right fit.

How do coaching sessions work?

We meet weekly in person or through video call. We review current challenges and situations where you faced difficulties or uncertainty. We also assess areas of opportunity, strengths, wins and progress thus far. My clients enjoy meeting 2x/week for 30 minutes each call. The first call (start of the week) is used to tackle the main issue and the second call (end of the week) is used for accountability as well as any new issues that have arisen. 

Heidi has such a passion for helping her clients! Her bubbly personality and encouraging demeanor make her very easy to talk to. The combination of Heidi’s personality and business knowledge make her an exceptional coach.

Kim Trathen

Business and Marketing Coach, Kim Trathen Business Coaching

How will I know that what I am sharing remains between us only?

Your time with me is completely confidential. I value your trust in me and aim to create a safe space where you feel comfortable opening up.




What do you expect from your clients?

To be honest, as open-minded as possible, to own the coaching relationship and give me feedback of what’s working and what isn’t, to be action-oriented, to trust that I have your best interests at heart, to be as receptive to change as possible, willing to take risks and step outside of your comfort zone, to complete all assignments I ask of you.

Is our time only limited to our weekly calls? 

No, my clients email me occasionally outside of our calls and I do what I can to support them

How will I know if I’m making progress?

At the start of our coaching (kick-off), we create an action plan of everything we’re going to accomplish during our time together. After each of our calls, you’ll have action steps to complete before our next session. I record all of the steps taken towards completing your goals as well as the progress you’ve made and we continuously review them to keep you motivated and reminded that you’re making progress.

How long would you be my leadership coach/workplace culture consultant?

Typically I work with my clients for a minimum of 3-months, but that depends on your needs and preferences. We then transition into an as-needed coaching/consulting.

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