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Standing Up Against A Toxic Culture

90% of people admitted to being bullied in the workplace with 61% of bullies being their bosses. Too often leaders abuse their power, and in the world of tech, HR departments are often the most toxic team in the company. Heidi shares her story of being bullied by her boss (a woman) and how it impacted her performance, motivation and mental health. She has since formed a group of advocates dedicated to bringing awareness to this issue. This presentation addresses the warning signs to look out for and how leaders can stand up against workplace bullies to dismantle a toxic culture. 

New Leaders: The Skills That Will Help You Succeed

Studies show 47% of leaders don’t receive any training before stepping into a leadership role. This leads to disconnected and disengaged teams that can turn toxic. Heidi shares the skills (with examples) new leaders can adapt starting today. She goes into detail on the what, how and why so new leaders can leave feeling confident in how they show up in their new role and for their team. Your audience will leave with the necessary skills they need in order to be successful and how they can put them in action immediately.

How To Ditch The Stress And Step Into Your Most Productive Self

Employers lose $300 billion annually due to employee stress. Stress impacts every area of your life. The natural response of many is to just work through it and it’ll go away. More often than not, this leads to burnout. Heidi shares simple techniques that can make a massive impact as well as the mindset shift she’s made that’s changed her life. As a domestic violence survivor turned mentor and workplace bully victim turned advocate, these techniques are lifechanging. Your audience will walk away with actionable things they can start implementing into their life today to prevent burnout, better manage their stress and live a happier and mentally-healthier life.

Heidi came to speak at our event in December 2018 and quickly won over the audience with her engaging presentation on Using Storytelling to Attract More Candidates. Her energy, enthusiasm and presentation were exactly what we needed and the audience loved her. Heidi radiates with passion and it’s obvious she loves speaking and teaching others about her experience. But more importantly, she’s a natural public speaker whose message really resonates with the audience. We’re so glad we got to have her at our event!

Founder, JOIN

I met Heidi when she spoke at a WeWork’s Women’s event about where she spoke and led a discussion on how women can better negotiate for promotions and pay raises. As a woman in business who is hiring for my company, it was an eye-opening discussion to see what others struggle with and how I should be navigating conversations from a manager’s perspective. What I loved about Heidi’s presentation is she engaged everyone who attended to ask questions and share their experiences. She is undoubtedly passionate about what she teaches and a natural speaker who captures her audience and brings an energy with her that creates an uplifting and motivating atmosphere.
Tanja Hagelganz

Chief Marketing Officer, Kevox

It was a pleasure to have Heidi speak at our Ladies Lunch event this year. She formed a constructive conversation around a difficult topic and, most importantly, made the group quickly feel at ease and settled in having an open discussion about negotiation and empowerment for women in the workplace. To have people from different companies and industries coming together to have an open discussion was brilliant to be part of, and I’m very glad Heidi was able to facilitate this expertly.
Eva Szwarc

Community Lead, WeWork