Companies who invest in their employee development experience an ROI of at least 6 times the cost of the coaching. Some of the benefits they reap are increased productivity, performance, innovation and retention, to name a few.  

63% of companies invest in coaching to develop executives and emerging leaders’ leadership skills such as 

  • Improved communication skills (framing and delivering feedback, learning new ways to respond…)
  • Heightened self-awareness (learn how to better understand yourself and gain insight into how you impact others; take greater responsibility and accountability…)
  • Contribute more effectively to your team and organization 
  • Identify and leverage existing strengths and development opportunities
  • Gain the confidence to show up as the leader your team needs you to be (set boundaries and expectations, set a standard, etc…)
  • Build more productive relationships
  • Learn effective time management skills to increase job and life satisfaction
  • Motivate and empower individuals to excel and take action towards achieving their goals
  • Develop your leadership style and behaviors

Research shows, regular meetings between an executive coach and leader produce positive changes in the business.

The benefits of investing in your employees are endless. I’ve worked with emerging leaders, executives, founders as well as teams throughout Asia, Europe and America. I was first trained as a leadership coach for both undergraduate and graduate students at the #1 entrepreneur school in America, Babson College. From there, I continued to develop my coaching skills with a particular focus in helping to repair toxic workplaces and teach positive leadership practices.

My dedication to what I do has allowed me to work with the CEO of SHRM to launch and promote the national toxic workplace initiative, the chief of staff with the chamber of commerce regarding their advocacy strategy for toxic workplaces, the board of directors for global companies, founders of high growth companies and more. I encourage you to read my Forbes column, email list and LinkedIn where I continue to bring awareness to the importance of leadership development and tackling toxic workplaces.

Many of the companies I work with request complete confidentiality. You can be sure I maintain professionalism and act in the highest professional standard. I understand the importance of building trust and creating a customized coaching program that meets the needs of each individual to set them up for success.

Learn how I can help you develop the leadership within your company through individual or team coaching.

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Heidi is such a JOY to talk to! She really knows her stuff. I was able to discuss my personal and professional development with her and she always offered sound advice. With her 6-week program, I literally increased my rates by 300%! It was insane, and I never thought I could do it AND be confident about it. I walked away with not one, but TWO team members, an influx of clients, increased rates , and advice from her on how to automate my business.

I couldn’t recommend Heidi enough. I look forward to working with her again in the future!

Ashley Nolivo

Online Business Manager, The Grow Collective