Below you’ll find the services I provide. I don’t believe in a blanket approach to my work and take the time to understand the needs of the individuals and companies who hire me so I can create a solution that works for them.

What it’s like to work with me: Before any contracts are signed, I schedule a call with you to learn more about what your challenges are and what your vision is. From there, I draft and send over a proposal on what I can offer based on our call. After we’ve agreed on a plan, I send over a contract to be signed along with an invoice for the deposit. After the deposit and contract are finalized, we schedule our first session.

My passion for what I do naturally makes me go above and beyond for each and every one of my clients. I believe in full transparency of what I can offer and the results I can provide. Regardless if I’m hired to coach, consult, speak or write, I make sure everyone is involved throughout the process. My core value is communication and my clients can expect me to keep communication open (expectations, updates, feedback, etc…) throughout our time together.

New Leadership Coaching: 3-6 Month Program

I help new managers build foundational habits that help them be successful, productive and impactful leaders for their team. During our time together we establish goals, identify gaps and learning opportunities and create a plan of action. I help my clients implement time management strategies, improve their communication, engage their team, learn how to approach and have difficult conversations, implement stress techniques, create processes, make small yet impactful lifestyle habits and more.

Our coaching is flexible so that we can handle urgent matters as needed. Typically, we meet twice a week for a total of 60 minutes. Most of my clients prefer this as the second call acts as an accountability call. By the end of the coaching program, my clients are confident in handling difficult conversations, shifting priorities, being present, driving their team forward and having a successful work-life balance.



Executive Leadership Coaching: 3+ Month Program

I help executives and business owners learn the techniques to maximize their jam-packed day. The problem most executives and business owners face is feeling alone and unsupported. They’re too busy supporting everyone else but who’s supporting them? That’s where I come in. My clients hire me to help them become the best versions of themselves. They’re experienced individuals who are well established in their industry, but they know there’s always room for improvement. During our time together we identify areas in their lives that can be tweaked to contribute to greater productivity, performance and leadership. Typically, we meet once a week for 60 minutes. On our calls, we cover what’s going on in their personal or professional lives. Not all of our calls are primarily focused on their company. Many calls are used as a sounding board for events that have occurred in their personal lives or things they’re struggling with internally.



Content Writing

I utilize my passion and talent for writing content for companies all over the world. I have written various blog pieces for companies as well as helped HR and executives establish a presence on LinkedIn by drafting their LinkedIn or Facebook content. Companies and individuals who hire me already have a plan in mind. I’m hands-on with my clients throughout the process and keep them in the loop with updates. 


Executives rely on me heavily to create company speeches for townhalls, events or internal happenings (layoffs, M&A’s, buyout, etc…) Companies hire me in various ways to ghostwrite for them. Most will hire me on retainer while their business is in growth mode and they need help establishing communications to keep their employees in the loop.

The process usually consists of me working with an executive who keeps me updated on what’s going on. From there, I either draft or revise their communications. Additionally, I have ghostwritten books, ebooks and some marketing communications for companies of various sizes. Similar to content writing, when ghostwriting ebooks, books or marketing communications, I need to have a connection to what the company does. 

Workplace Culture Consulting

I partner with companies to assess their culture, team and leadership. Some companies hire me because they need help in establishing a culture. Others hire me because they’re not happy with what their culture has turned into. Consulting is truly customizable depending on size, industry and their challenge(s). I’ve helped build and train HR departments, partnered with HR departments to identify gaps, implement best practices and bring awareness to industry trends. I’ve always worked closely with companies and founders to eliminate toxic cultures and conduct training on a variety of topics for individuals, leadership teams and specific departments. Some training I’ve delivered were leadership development, communication, how HR can partner with marketing to internally and externally bring awareness to the culture, realigning cultures to their core values and more.



Speaking and Training

One of my favorite things to do is to speak and train on topics I’m passionate about. I’ve been hired by companies, universities, conferences, organizations and individuals to provide training, impromptu mini-sessions, panel discussions, speaking engagements as well as motivational pep talks. I can speak on a variety of topics from recruiting top talent to creating more engaging and positive workplaces to leadership development and, of course, motivational topics. As a domestic violence survivor and workplace bullying victim, these are the topics I speak on quite often.