What You Can Expect:

1. A personalized phone consultation prior to our first meeting/your event to get clear on how I can best serve your team/audience

2. If you want visibility and with your permission, I will announce your event through my social media, email list and blog

3. Professional and timely replies to answer any questions you may have

4. Custom resources, exercises, and tools exclusively prepared for your team/audience

5. A follow up after our time has concluded to answer any outstanding questions and encourage feedback to improve my services

About Me:

As an HR, Leadership & People Development expert, I help businesses organizations develop and strengthen their roles from the inside-out. My passion and zone of genius revolve around developing individuals, businesses and organizations through personal and professional development. Together we create solid strategies for you to hire, train and lead your team effectively and confidently. 

I’ve worked in various industries, cultures and working environments and gained experience from the ground up. I’ve never once forgotten what it felt like to be stuck at the bottom and all the challenges I endured to achieve the success I have today. I’ve encountered many failing forward situations throughout my career forcing me to learn how to effectively develop and manage teams while strengthening my own presence as a leader.

My dedication to continuous learning and development coupled with my 8+ years of experience is how I am able to continue to deliver superior results every single time. I have spoken at SHRM Local and National Conferences, DeSales University, Lehigh Carbon Community College, and Carbon County Chamber of Commerce. I was honored with an Award of Appreciation for speaking at the 9th Annual Adult Learners Conference, SHRM National and Regional Conference, and the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL). I’ve also proud served as President for the Society of Human Resource Management, a member of the Leadership team at Babson College and on various committees, clubs and groups. 

My Most Requested Topics:

Topic 1: The Secret to Achieving High Performance in Your Business

As millennials take over and flip the workplace upside down, the main focus of business has shifted from a customer-centric to an employee-centric culture. Creating a high-performance culture has a great impact on financial and non-financial results that contribute largely to the overall success of a business. High-performance is the combination of leadership, mindset, behaviors, communication, engagement and relationships. This session will teach attendees how they can pivot their business to embody the characteristics of a high performing business. Attendees will walk away with actionable strategies to implement into their business immediately as they transition from a manager to a leadership and coach for their team.

Audience: Business leaders that want to shift the strategy of their business to cultivate an engaging and high performing team that increases their productivity, culture, reputation and bottom line.


Clients will know how to cultivate a culture of employees with an entrepreneurial mindset 
Clients will have the confidence to empower their employees to think independently and make impactful decisions on their own
Clients will learn how to best show up, inspire and motivate their employees
Clients will feel excited, eager and optimistic about the techniques they’ve learned to engage, develop and attract employees creating a high performing culture

Topic 2: The New Way to Attract , Onboard and Retain Top Talent

The rules and strategies of recruiting and retaining employees have changed dramatically in the past few years. The lengthy recruitment process and short onboarding has shifted and companies no longer have the upper hand with a candidate driven market. The formalities of rigid checklists and tricky interview questions are on the verge of extinction and informal conversations with a transparent and honest look into the company culture and working style are taking place. This session teaches attendees how to attract and recruit the right talent efficiently so they don’t risk losing them to the competition. This session walks attendees through the new way to onboard employees to reduce turnover and increase productivity, engagement and loyalty. 

AudienceIndividuals and teams that struggle with hiring, training and leading their employees and want to know the secrets to creating massive results in their business through attracting, onboarding and retaining the right talent.


Clients will walk away with the confidence to create and structure their onboarding to attract and retain the right talent
Clients will learn the processes, steps and procedures for a successful transition from candidate to employee
Clients will have clearly defined goals that act as a guideline to the way they lead, hire and train their new employees


Topic 3: How You Can Be An Influential Leader

We’re surrounded by iconic and impactful leaders from all walks of life whom we look up to, admire, respect and aspire to be like. There’s only one thing standing in the way, the mindset struggles of impostor syndrome, overwhelm, overthinking and the lack of confidence to manage a team and influence others. This prevents people from taking action, using their message as a platform and showing up as the leader they desire to be for themselves, their clients and their business. Everyone is capable of being a leader but only few conquer the mindset work needed to be one. This session will teach attendees how to understand the techniques to shift the mindset, develop new habits and create routines to influence others through authentic leadership. Your audience will leave this session transformed and ready to take action before they even leave their seat.

Audience: Individuals that want to embody the skills and qualities of a successful leader so they can confidently manage their team, make effective decisions, set boundaries and elevate their business.


Clients will learn the easy to implement mindset shifts that contagiously inspire a team of leaders
Clients will learn techniques to better manage stress, overwhelm and the pressures associated with their roles so they can confidently show up for themselves, their clients and their business and consistently produce high-quality results
Clients will develop the confidence, clarity, and direction to make the best decisions that best serve their big-picture vision and goals
Clients will discover their leadership identity and communication and relationship building techniques that align with their identity