What You Can Expect:

1. A personalized phone consultation prior to our first meeting/your event to get clear on how I can best serve your team/audience

2. If you want visibility and with your permission, I will announce your event through my social media, email list and blog

3. Professional and timely replies to answer any questions you may have

4. An interactive, energizing and engaging experience for your team/audience

5. A follow up after our time has concluded to answer any outstanding questions and encourage feedback to improve my services

About Me:

As a Confidence Coach & HR Communications Consultant, I help businesses organizations develop and strengthen their roles from the inside-out. My passion for HR communications allows me to bridge communication gaps between executives and employees. I love igniting new perspectives, spotlighting key issues and raising awareness to HR topics to improve the business brand and overall employee experience while coaching others on how to improve their communication and HR messaging.

I’ve worked in various industries, cultures and working environments and gained experience from the ground up. I’ve never once forgotten what it felt like to be stuck at the bottom and all the challenges I endured to achieve the success I have today. I’ve encountered many failing forward situations throughout my career forcing me to learn how to effectively communicate and build confidence in myself and others while strengthening my own presence as a leader.

My dedication to continuous learning and development coupled with my 9+ years of experience is how I am able to continue to deliver superior results every single time. I have spoken at SHRM Local and National Conferences, DeSales University, Lehigh Carbon Community College, and Carbon County Chamber of Commerce. I was honored with an Award of Appreciation for speaking at the 9th Annual Adult Learners Conference, SHRM National and Regional Conference, and the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL). I’ve also proudly served as President for the SHRM, a member of the Leadership team at Babson College and on various committees, clubs and groups in Asia, America and Germany.

My Most Requested Topics:

Companies and events hire me to speak on a variety of topics such as leadership, empowerment and HR-focused ones surrounding the candidate and employee experience.  

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