Training & Consulting

I am a loyal supporter of helping business leaders create action plans to transform their organizational culture to meet their company and employee’s goals and needs. My services have helped companies understand the value of creating an engaging and inclusive atmosphere to reduce employee turnover and increase satisfaction.

Here are some topics I train and consult on 

  • Dismantling toxic workplace cultures and re-engaging employees
  • Bridging the multi-generational communication gap
  • Embracing the new way of onboarding (what to digitize and what to humanize)
  • How to stand out against competitors and attract the new generation of workers

“Heidi was the swiss army knife we needed.”

 As a consultant and trainer, I see both rising and successful companies struggle with their turnover. They invest in the best equipment, top of the line systems and spend thousands of dollars to recruit the most competitive talent. Yet, they struggle to keep people.

Heidi has worked in South Korea, Germany, Denmark, the UK, Poland and throughout America helping startups and businesses reduce turnover, increase retention and profit and create an engaging experience that turns their workers into loyal employees.

Heidi has been sought out by a presidential candidate to build out their HR department for their campaign, the chief of staff for the chamber of commerce, one of the big four accounting firms, an NHL team, various international organizations and more.

As a volunteer Leadership Coach for Babson College, Six Sigma Black Belt, former SHRM chapter president with 7+ years of global experience, Heidi continues to deliver superior results every single time. She has served on various committees, clubs and groups in Asia, American and Europe and is active in both the on and offline community.

“We called her the Chief Happiness Officer. She turned our culture right-side-up and kept us from losing our best people who were on their way out the door ready to leave”

 20% of people leave a company within the first 45 days. SHRM reports it takes an average of 42 days to fill a position and it costs $4,129 to hire an employee.

To break it down, the cost to hiring and losing an employee is:

  • advertising the open position
  • time spent screening, interviewing and reviewing applications
  • training and onboarding them and
  • managing the cultural impact of them not being the right fit or answering to the employees who want to know why they didn’t stay
  • poor customer experience and reputation of the company (Glassdoor and online review sites) 

You can offer the best benefits, have an Instagram-worthy office and a fully stocked bar for employees to unwind at the end of a long day, but if you’re not investing in their onboarding—you’re setting them up to fail.

Onboarding is more than sending a welcome email and having a swag bag for their first day. It’s an ongoing process that requires a plan and involvement from all levels of the company.

I understand how important my client’s time is and that’s why they hire me because I’m not only genuinely passionate about what I do, but I’m committed to the process and the results.