Finding time for ourselves among the chaos of our busy lives is seemingly impossible these days. Even with buzzwords such as “mindset”, “productivity”, and “self-care” being thrown around, it still seems so far out of reach and almost impossible to infuse them into our day-to-day.

Having grown up in an era where work-life balance was just a phrase with little to no emphasis on the ‘life’ portion of it, it’s easy to understand the resistance to this new working lifestyle.

The ONE thing the most successful leaders today have in common is they all practice a daily morning routine. Every single day. Because they understand how crucial it is to setting their day up for success.

Start today by introducing these 5 techniques into your morning routine to create your most successful day

Cleanse the Overwhelm & Jumpstart Your Creativity
Every morning before your feet touch the floor, start your day with a guided meditation to gain immediate mental clarity. Detach yourself from your electronics and dive right into meditation. Not only will you notice increased mental clarity and focus, but you’ll notice an immediate improvement in how you attack your day with your new mindset. The ability to cleanse overwhelming thoughts and jumpstart your creativity provides a refreshing start to your day that you’ll wonder why you haven’t started meditating sooner.

Create Full Mental and Physical Clarity
Meditation is part 1 of a 2 part series with yoga being the other. By immediately transitioning your guided meditation into practicing yoga you create a strong body and a strong mind. The combination of a strong mind and body provides an impenetrable force for anything that’s bound to come your way throughout the day. You’ll have the full mental and physical clarity and strength to handle these challenges with a clear, calm mind.

Calm the Mind Chatter
Maximize productivity by journaling out resistances, limitations, fears, and any mind chatter that consumes you from having full clarity. This exercise is guaranteed to release the chaos trapped in your mind. Once released, you’ll experience a clear mind to attack your day. Follow this exercise up with vision mapping to lay out your big picture vision and bringing them to life in your mind as you write them out. This keeps your goals front and center as a reminder of what you’re striving for – your ‘why’.

Hone Your Craft
Writers practice perfecting their craft daily. Their language is always evolving to match their market, their style is always improving and their message becomes more clear with practice. Never become complacent in your abilities even if you believe you’ve reached expert status. The rug can always be ripped from your feet at any given time by anyone and anything. Make lifelong learning a part of your daily routine.

Own Your Success
This intentional daily practice sets you up for success each day by reducing the overwhelm of a running to-do list and limiting your focus to three tasks. Start by listing out;

  1. 3 things you’re grateful for
  2. 3 things you desire
  3. 3 things to accomplish

Increase productivity by pairing this with the Pomodoro timer to eliminate distractions. Once you complete the first cluster of 3 things to accomplish you can then introduce the next cluster of 3. Once you exceed 3, that’s when the overwhelm seeps in. Only introduce 3 at a time and keep your running to-do list out of sight.

Compliment Your Confidence
Take a moment and reminisce on the moments when someone paid you a compliment after achieving something monumental. Now reflect back on the times when you were struggling and someone said something positive and uplifting that gave you that nudge you needed to keep going and complete it. We can agree that those compliments and positive reinforcements helped build our self-esteem and confidence. The reality is we won’t always have people around continue building our confidence and we must rely on ourselves to keep that fire lit within us.

What would your life AND business look like if you had the confidence, clarity and strategy to show up as the leader you desire to be?

You would have increased productivity, more $$$$, MORE clients, MORE time, the confidence to run your business as a STRONG leader, LESS stress, and NO mental blocks sabotaging you from scaling to $7 figures WITHOUT the hustle.

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