One-On-One Personalized coaching 


Since 2011, I’ve worked with startups and small businesses around the world helping business owners overcome their mindset blocks and improve their productivity and performance to grow their business. I’ve become the go-to person small business owners come to when they need someone to hold them accountable, act as their sounding board, keep them motivated and support them in creating an action plan around their personal and professional goals.

Career professionals also seek my mentorship to help them navigate the next steps in their journey. Some things I help my clients with are creating resumes and cover letters that stand out among the competition, identifying your strengths and interests and zeroing in on your career path, negotiating your worth with promotions and salary, creating your personal brand and so much more.

Coaching is more than just strategies and accountability. It’s helping individuals build their confidence, strengthen their mindset and become a leader in their business, life, and career. Nothing is more rewarding than witnessing the transformations of my clients as their confidence and business grow hand-in-hand.


You just broke 6 or 7-figures and want to define your brand so you can stand out against the sea of your competitors

You’re struggling with self-doubt, insecurities and showing up for your business as the leader you desire to be

You struggle to set boundaries, say “no” and stand up for yourself with difficult customers

You want more visibility and to be the go-to leader in your industry

You struggle knowing how to manage your time and maximize your productivity so you can focus on making more money

You’re ready to create a brand that does the work for you with my MAPPING strategy

You need someone to keep you accountable and motivated so you can achieve your goals faster

Heidi is such a JOY to talk to! She really knows her stuff. I was able to discuss my personal and professional development with her and she always offered sound advice. With her 6-week program, I literally increased my rates by 300%! It was insane, and I never thought I could do it AND be confident about it. I walked away with not one, but TWO team members, an influx of clients, increased rates , and advice from her on how to automate my business.

I couldn’t recommend Heidi enough. I look forward to working with her again in the future! Ashley Nolivo

Online Business Manager, The Grow Collective