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Are you ready to master recruiting and build a powerful team?

This step-by-step guide will walk you through the exact process you need to improve your recruiting techniques and create an attractive and irresistable employee experience.

Hi! I'm Heidi.

Welcome! Here you’ll find many valuable tools and resources to give you the confidence in creating a happier, productive and engaging workplace. I’m here to help you build habits, develop confidence, gain clarity and enhance skills.

I truly believe successful businesses start with the personal development of leaders who then empower their employees creating a domino effect throughout the organization. It’s my mission to develop effective and influential leaders in business so they are empowered to lead their business and teams to success.

My Leadership & Human Resources background gives me a unique combination of knowledge to tackle the many challenges your business is facing. Whether it’s creating a culture from scratch, improving an existing one, scaling to 6-figures and beyond, leading a team or enhancing your own leadership skills. I’ve got you covered!

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a Culture of



Confidently master the art of establishing a culture that’s specific to your big picture vision. Learn how to get even the most stubborn employees onboard and become brand ambassadors. Design an irresistible employee experience customized to your core values. Implement company specific trainings, and initiatives creating a growth culture.



Embody the skills of a successful leader to motivate, inspire, and influence through your presence, actions, and words. Be confident in setting boundaries and sticking to them! Establish core values, understand how they serve your big-picture vision and create goals that bring them to life.



Understand the soft skills needed to manage and develop your team. Confidently handle delegation, conflict resolution, decision making and stressful situations. Empower your people to take action, make important decisions and become leaders in their roles. Create a powerful and engaged team that remains loyal throughout the ups and downs of business.

Happy Clients

I wish I could brag about each and every client I’ve worked with, but instead, I’ll let some of them brag a bit about our time together!

“Heidi is going to help you get to the bottom of your struggle and it will be enjoyable as you work together with her to find the culprit of your hang-ups and the solutions that work best FOR YOU.

She has first-hand experience when it comes to trekking through the mud to get to the life you really want to be living. She is also extremely generous with your time and very kind-hearted.

Seriously, just set up a time to talk to her! She is going to help you get from where you are to where you want to go! She provides SO much value!” Amber Leann Drake

Blogger, Natural Gut Health

“The best thing about working with Heidi is her gift of planting a seed, so it blossoms even after connecting with her. It was like instantly connecting with a friend. Heidi just gets who you are, where you’re at, and wants to help take you to where you want to go in ways that work best for you.

Heidi is like the wise friend you need, who has the tools to support you to be the best version of whoever you want to be. The supportive voice who’s always in your corner and rooting for you when you’re not even sure if you can root for yourself.

She gets it.” Elizabeth McIntyre

Copywriter, Crisp Copy

I became more sure of myself and my ideas and my path for business. I also got some action steps for becoming more visible and engage with people so that it reflects what I do in business. 

Heidi was very open to hearing my pain points and very adaptable in offering me guidance for solving those pain points.

She also gave me some concrete action steps that I can take that are amazing for my business!

Heidi goes to great lengths to make sure the client gets the most value possible out of your time together!” Raluca Blajut

Branding, Web Design & Development, Raluca S. Blajut

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