about me

Heidi Lynne Kurter is a Leadership Coach and Workplace Culture Consultant turned blogger focusing on helping companies improve their human resources practices to develop high performing cultures of confidence. She is committed to providing support and resources to create a healthy and people-centric workplace culture that inspires and engages employees. The typical work environment has undergone numerous changes in the past few months and she has worked to transform and build sustainable virtual workplace cultures and implement diversity and inclusion strategies.

Her passion for creating cultures of confidence and empowering others has gained the attention of global leaders of companies from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Her clients have experienced tripled revenue growth and numerous intangible benefits. She also specializes in media relations and internal communications for which her impactful work has been showcased in Fast Company, MSN Money, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, Association Talent Development and over 50 other powerful outlets. 

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Client Results

“Heidi is going to help you get to the bottom of your struggle and it will be enjoyable as you work together with her to find the culprit of your hang-ups and the solutions that work best FOR YOU.

She has first-hand experience when it comes to trekking through the mud to get to the life you really want to be living. She is also extremely generous with your time and very kind-hearted.

Seriously, just set up a time to talk to her! She is going to help you get from where you are to where you want to go! She provides SO much value!”

Amber Leann Drake

Health Coach and Consultant, Natural Gut Health

“The best thing about working with Heidi is her gift of planting a seed, so it blossoms even after connecting with her. It was like instantly connecting with a friend. Heidi just gets who you are, where you’re at, and wants to help take you to where you want to go in ways that work best for you.

Heidi is like the wise friend you need, who has the tools to support you to be the best version of whoever you want to be. The supportive voice who’s always in your corner and rooting for you when you’re not even sure if you can root for yourself.

She gets it.”

Elizabeth McIntyre

Copywriter, Crisp Copy

I became more sure of myself and my ideas and my path for business. I also got some action steps for becoming more visible and engage with people so that it reflects what I do in business. 

Heidi was very open to hearing my pain points and very adaptable in offering me guidance for solving those pain points.

She also gave me some concrete action steps that I can take that are amazing for my business!

Heidi goes to great lengths to make sure the client gets the most value possible out of your time together!”

Raluca Blajut

Branding, Web Design & Development, Raluca S. Blajut

Heidi offered an outstanding presentation for my Women In Management class and faculty from Ottawa University. Her keynote was practical, helpful and offered outstanding information on networking and selling your sizzle. Heidi brought new insights on networking, getting involved, creating authenticity, asking for feedback, repelling toxic people, being specific and starting an accomplishment journal. Heidi is a light that the business community needs and everyone walked away with actionable insights. She was easy to work with, punctual and very well prepared. I look forward to working with Heidi again on some upcoming projects.

Krystal Parker, MBA

Assistant Professor, Ottawa University and Founder of Intent & Impact

Heidi delivered a long-form content project for Flare. She was smart, approachable and collaborative in her approach. She was flexible and iterative in working with us to produce a fantastic piece of content for us.

Brittany Wong

VP, Marketing, Flare HR

Heidi has such a passion for helping her clients! Her bubbly personality and encouraging demeanor make her very easy to talk to. The combination of Heidi’s personality and business knowledge make her an exceptional coach.

Kim Trathen

Business and Marketing Coach, Kim Trathen Business Coaching

Before working with Heidi, my biggest challenge was being able to prioritize tasks and manage my time. From the very beginning, I was at ease and comfortable with her friendly voice! I found that she guided our conversation in a candid manner and that she works in an efficient and to the point way. Heidi has a calm and productive way of working. I felt I could take baby steps and didn’t feel judged or pressured. During my time with Heidi, I found clarity and calmness regarding things I needed to solve or manage. 

I’d not only come back for another session but would also recommend Heidi to my friends and family! Thank you for your time and expertise!

Abby Macaulay Correia

Emerging Leader

Heidi is such a JOY to talk to! She really knows her stuff. I was able to discuss my personal and professional development with her and she always offered sound advice. With her 6-week program, I literally increased my rates by 300%! It was insane, and I never thought I could do it AND be confident about it. I walked away with not one, but TWO team members, an influx of clients, increased rates , and advice from her on how to automate my business.

I couldn’t recommend Heidi enough. I look forward to working with her again in the future!

Ashley Nolivo

Online Business Manager, The Grow Collective

“I can’t say enough how much of a pleasure it was to work with Heidi. Her presentation was clean and straightforward, but also full of energy and thoughtful examples. The audience was so excited about the valuable information she provided, they couldn’t wait to review her slides after the webinar.
It was amazing to work with Heidi and I can’t wait to work with her again!” 
Naba Ahmed

Editor/Content Marketing Specialist, Human Resources Today

“As the Marketing Manager at Connecteam, I co-hosted a Facebook Live session with Heidi on how businesses can create a remote workplace culture that prioritizes connectivity. Leading up to the FB Live, I found Heidi to be responsive, engaged, and professional. There wasn’t a lot of planning involved, instead, we hit the ground running and the session went perfectly! Heidi’s energy and many insights were highly beneficial to our audience and even beyond.
If I had the opportunity to work with her again, I would do so in a heartbeat.” 
Rea Reagan

Marketing Manager, Connecteam